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Management Services

When you need that bit extra

Candescence has put together its wide ranging product, marketing and technical expertise in a set of Management Services. Designed to deliver standalone commercial expertise or extend our go to market solutions they provide management and expertise tailored to the specific experience or resource gaps in your business. When you need that bit extra to get to market fast, our management services deliver it
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Interim Management

Interim management demands the capability to work under pressure and hit the ground running in order that business disruption is minimized. With director level business, marketing and technical experience, Candescence has the high grade management to make an impact in your business
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Product Definition

Identifying customer needs, validating specifications and putting it together in a viable product is an art that requires both commercial and technical expertise. With 30 years of early stage product development, Candescence provides the know-how to extract the customer feedback to make your product succeed
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Outsource Management

Outsourcing is not “push and forget”; it requires careful management and an appreciation of cultures and practices to make it work effectively. Candescence has managed marketing and technical outsourcing for more than 30 years, so we know how to get results. Offshore or on, you can rely on us
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Commercial Due Diligence

Investment decisions in complex hi-tech markets need to be backed by a sound assessment of the commercial potential that emerging technologies present. Candescence provides a blend of business, marketing and technical capabilities to develop unique insights to guide your investment decisions
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Partner Management

Good partnerships are essential to create strong product ecosystems that drive sales so, recruiting and nurturing the right partners is imperative for any organisation. Candescence has built successful, value added partnerships with some of the world’s biggest companies and we can build them for you too
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Content Marketing

In a world of social media, content marketing is becoming increasingly important to make companies stand out from the crowd. Combining marketing and technical knowledge, Candescence produces hard hitting copy with all the technical detail you need for on-line articles, blogs and posts
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Customer Engagement

Engaging customers in what you’re doing from the start is the best way to get sales up and running fast. With an extensive customer engagement background, ranging from Multi- nationals to SMEs, Candescence provides heavy-weight customer relationship management to make your engagements work
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Program Management

Program management requires planning and know-how to deliver all the elements in one high quality, consistent solution. When success depends on pulling everything together, on time and on budget, Candescence has the serious program experience and attention to detail to do just that
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